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Since the outset of my leadership, I have resolved to undertake the herculean task of attempting to bring about social change for which we have painstakingly worked out Navchetna's goals in great detail. Under my Presidency, Navchetna has worked towards our primary aim of 'women empowerment and child welfare' in Uttarakhand. We currently operate in some of the remotest villages of the state and focus on interventions in education, health, and employment verticals.

Our belief is that education needn’t be limited to just pen and paper; anything that can empower a person to lead informed, fruitful, and independent lives is of value. In Navchetna, we have thus incorporated various programmes in the field of education - ranging from free tuition and free computer classes for village children to establishment of women self-help groups for legal/banking assistance & healthcare advice. Navchetna has also undertaken numerous activities in the field of health- we routinely organize blood donation camps, free health camps for women & children, and conduct health awareness workshops on nutrition & hygiene by some of the leading doctors of the region. Providing vocational courses such as 'free sewing classes' for village women, encouraging some of the dying cultural Uttarakhand art forms, and promoting 'disability sports' have been our initial few steps in the field of employment.

Navchetna Society will remain a seriously devoted organisation that will work not in confrontation with the government of the day, but in conformity, to ensure that all government's initiatives are brought to the masses, for whom they are meant.

Navchetna intends to make our land a place where every individual is empowered through quality education, where every child is able to realize their full potential and contribute to transforming societies. I seek support from all who associate with Navchetna in helping us achieve this vision.

Jai Hind!

Lt. (Ex-Army) Sushma Bisht Mathur

From The President's Desk: About Us
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